MetaModel joining the Apache Incubator

For the past months we've been working on a proposal to donate the MetaModel project to the Apache Foundation, where it will live initially as an Incubator project. And today the vote for accepting the project has ended - with 18 votes for, and none against - so we are extremely proud and happy to announce that MetaModel will be getting a new home at Apache.

The impact of this project change will be profound on the one side and on the other we will ensure that we do our best to please the existing user and developer base. Some of the certain changes include:

  • We're changing MetaModel's license from LGPL to the Apache license.
  • The dBase module will be removed from the main distribution of MetaModel, since it is not entirely ours to dispose of (there's a significant contribution from the xBaseJ project, which is GPL licensed). There will be a separate LGPL project, similar to that of SassyReader, created for the MetaModel support of dBase.
  • The project management style will become more open and accessible for everyone. Since Apache has much stricter policies and a great open source culture, we aim to conform to this process for the future direction of MetaModel.
  • The root package of the project will probably no longer be org.eobjects.metamodel, but rather something along the lines of org.apache.metamodel.
  • The source code will be moved to Apache's Git repository.
  • The bug tracking will be moved to Apache's JIRA system.
  • The continuous integration platform of Apache will be employed to do regular builds of MetaModel.

We hope that you will also help us in this process by having your voices heard on the new Apache dev. infrastructure, mailing lists etc. once that is in place. The status of the Apache incubation can be tracked here.

More details will follow as soon as the new environment for Apache MetaModel is available.


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