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Quipu is like ChronicleDroid

Hi kasper and asbjorn,

I just wanted to tell that we've developed a ChronicleDroid like tool, named Quipu. It is also using the MetaModel library for reverse enginering. The server side is build with groovy/grails and cummunicates via REST to a .net c# client.

The site with the download: Quipu
The sourceforge site: Quipu on
A short blog post about Quipu: Quipu: A datavault generator

Just take a look it OSS to :)

Regards, JJ.

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    Hi JJ,

    Great news. I did see Quipo mentioned at LinkedIn? a few times (by Roland Bouman, if youre interested) so I was already aware of it, but not that it was using MetaModel. Great to know! I will definately have a look at Quipo soon!

    I will put it on MetaModel's website which has a list of projects that use MetaModel, if that's OK with you?

    Best, Kasper

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      Hi Kasper,

      yes, you can list Quipu as a project that uses MetaModel 1.2. I'll have to look at version 1.5 to see what's changed.


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        Yes you should definately move to MetaModel 1.5. I'm using latest release candidate (1.5-RC3) my self and it is really working out nicely. It will probably make you happy to hear that everything is now an interface and that you have immutable model classes which significantly eases testability and safety if you're doing concurrent programming.


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