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MetaModel Database compliancy

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It is one of the important goals of MetaModel to be compliant with as many databases and datastores as possible! We ensure a broad compliance by several initiatives:

  • A broad integration test suite.
  • Extensive but fault-tolerant use of the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) specification.
  • Use of uniform SQL-99 compliant queries.

Supported databases

Below is a list of databases that we support and continuously test for all our functionality. If you experience any issues with a supported database we will be able to help you, so post your questions and we will deal with it promptly:

Database Version JDBC Driver Compliancy
MySQL 5+ Connector/J Fully compliant
PostgreSQL 8+ PostgreSQL JDBC Driver Fully compliant
Oracle 10g SQLJ/JDBC Fully compliant
Apache Derby aka Sun JavaDB 10+ Derby driver Fully compliant
Firebird SQL 2.0+ JayBird Driver Fully compliant
Hsqldb 1.8+ Hsqldb driver Fully compliant
H2 1.2+ H2 driver Fully compliant
SQLite 3.6.0+ Xerial driver Fully compliant
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (+ possibly others) Official MS driver Fully compliant

Supported file-formats

Format Extension Version Compliancy
Comma-separated files .csv - Fully compliant
Excel spreadsheets .xls Excel '97(-2007) Fully compliant databases .odb OpenOffice 2.0+ Fully compliant
XML files .xml - Prototype
Microsoft Access databases .mdb - Fully compliant
dBase databases .dbf - Fully compliant

Unsupported but working databases

These databases are known to work fine with MetaModel but are not included in our test suites, which is why we cannot support and help you with them:

  • Ingres (Look for ticket #225 for support progress)

Databases that doesn't work with MetaModel

None known yet. If you try out MetaModel and experience problems, let us know and we will see what we can do!